Bottled Gas for ALL Seasons and for ALL Reasons

Are you looking for some gas to warm up your patio? Want to have a barbecue but don't have any gas? Then you need our bottled gas.

With years of experience and expert knowledge on health and safety, you can be certain that our gas supplying services are both safe and reliable.
For that added peace of mind, our drivers can connect your Calor Gas cylinders for you, saving you any unwanted hassle.
Butane & Propane gas available in ALL sizes available

Industrial Gas
Full & comprehensive range of Industrial Gas supplied on behalf of Energas

CO2 & Mixed Gas for Drinks Dispense, range includes:-
Pure Carbon Dioxide(supplied to latest ISBT specification for CO2 used in food & beverages)
30% CO2/70% Nitrogen
60% CO2/40% Nitrogen

Pre-mixes to individual Manufacturer's specifications are also made, which show the flexibility of AKM/Energas

Energas uses only the High Quality Food grade gases in its Cellargas range, supplied in Mini/Midi/Large cylinders

We stock a range of gas cylinders, including:

  • Calor Gas - Butane & Propane
  • Cellar gas - Drinks dispense gases
  • Industrial gas
  • Campingaz
  • Patio gas

Bottled gas for all seasons and all reasons.

Bottled gas
Outdoor catering event
Bottled gas catering equipment

Not quite sure on which type of bottled gas you need? Then call us on
01262 679 797

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